Sunday, May 9, 2010

Design Sponge and Orange Ricotta Breakfast Dumplings recipe

I think it was two or three years ago when I started drooling over  design sponge on a regular basis…every day to be exact….going through every page, from furniture and house renovations, to flower arrangements, to delicious recipes(of course!)… thinking how great it would be to join this company of amazingly creative day. 
So you can only imagine how stunned I was, when Kristina Gill from “In the kitchen with” on the very one Design Sponge, asked me to pitch in some recipe ideas. It had to be something original and something that photographed after going through vast collection of my favorite family recipes, I decided( or Kristina decided) to go with an updated version of ricotta dumplings my grandma used to make….delicious, easy, original for sure, but…..turned out to be…so…so not photogenic… 

While ingredients photographed well, the dumplings themselves, yummy but rather plain looking, were really challenging to style and photograph. I don’t even know where to begin to describe all the things that were going wrong but, I think the hardest one, was getting over the rejection of my first set of photos. The dried lavender I used to" beautify" the dish, did exactly opposite, it didn’t catch on light and ended up looking rather like dirt or fruit flies than appetizing lavender petals….so I had to  modify the recipe, find fresh lavender and redo all the photos. And as it turns out fresh lavender is not that easy to come by either...after running from one store to another, I finally desperately knocked some strangers' doors with scissors in my hands  and asked, if I could "borrow" a little lavender growing on their front porch. Luckily for me, they agreed.

In the end it was really fun experience, I enjoyed every minute of it, even scraping all this cheese and flour off my camera wasn't so bad either. Thank you Grace and Kristina for having me on your beautiful blog!

Please see the whole story and Orange Ricotta Dumplings recipe here, and tell me what you think???
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