Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pimm's cup

Summer is almost here and with first truly hot days patio dining, picnicking, entering with friends and of course refreshing cocktails come to mind. As I mentioned here earlier I've been playing a "weekend mixologist", expanding my drink repertoire a little, so after cucumber gimlets(get the recipe here) I'm giving Pimm's No. 1 cup a try. Served over ice with fizzy lemonade and various fruits, it's a favorite English summer drink, keeping cool Wimbledon,  Henley Royal Regatta or polo matches goers. It originated in London in 1820s, when James Pimm wanting to distinguish his oyster bar from many others, started serving this gin based concoction to his customers. It soon became a hit and by 1860 was being bottled and sold on a large scale, making summer heat more bearable to this day.

To prepare Pimm's No.1 cup you will need:
*fizzy lemonade but you can also use ginger ale, soda water or sprite;
*thin slices of fruits like: orange, lemon, lime;
*cucumber cut into wedges, strawberries, thin slices of apple can be added as well;
*chopped mint, and if  you can find, borage flowers;
*and Pimm's of course.

To mix:
in a tall glass place the fruit, add ice, one part of Pimm's and two parts of fizzy lemonade(I used 2oz shot glass to measure). Garnish with cucumber wedge, some mint and borage flowers. And voila! Beautiful summer cocktail is ready. You can wow your friends at your next dinner party by preparing Pimm's in a large pitcher or set up a "help yourself" bar with individual bowls of fruit and let your guests prepare their own cup. I guarantee they will love it!

I can already tell this going to be my favorite summer drink.... summer of Pimm's, if you will.
Have fun with it and tell me, what is your favorite summer cocktail?
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