Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sweet little things

What a day!
Gray and rainy...and absolutely beautiful!
I took part in a charity event Soles4Souls. Donated a pair of shoes and ended up with a pair of tickets to U2 and Lenny Kravitz concert! I'm so stoked about it, I have a feeling this going to be an awesome date for M and I!
I also took a long walk around the city and spotted this cute couple on bikes. They were so shy and sweet, it had to be their first or maybe second date. It totally unleashed my inner stalker(a.k.a. photographer).
If this wasn't enough, later on I sat down on a bench with "I love M" message written on it. I guess it was one of "those" days.
It also made me wonder: what would be your ideal date? Biking, sailing, going to a concert, or maybe...cooking together and watching movies?

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