Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sneak peek

A few weeks ago I went through quite the drama when my beloved nikon broke down beyond the point of repair. Days of disbelief, and sadness followed, and then, very frantic search for its replacement had begun. After all, one cannot go through life without a camera, or at least I can't!
Making a decision was really hard and stressful, considering all the bells and whistles, and hefty price tags.
For a moment I even thought about making a leap over to the canon camp, but in the end, being a nikon girl for such a long time, I decided to just stick with it. Finding a store that would have this particular model in stock turned out to be another headache. It took lots of emails and phone calls, I even tried Canadian and UK stores! I guess I was a little desperate at this point! Luckily, my husband (I still wonder how???) was able to track it down for me! I'm sooo grateful!!!
So, here are first few test shots from my new camera, now I just need to sit down and read 500 page user's manual, phew! Piece of cake!

Big thanks to everyone who was kind enough to answer all of my questions about equipment they use!

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