Monday, August 8, 2011

conversations over tea

Couple of weeks ago our friend visited with her mother and her adorable nine months old daughter Naomi.
One foggy afternoon we sat down over a cup of good tea, and while her little girl was happily napping, we had a long and very emotional talk.

She shared her birthing story with me, and how having a child changed her and her life. 
She told me how people around her reacted to the big news, and how her ninety-two-year old grandma had never thought she would live to see her great-grandchild being born.

Later on, her own mother join in to talk about her transition from a mom to a grandma, and how arrival of this little girl have brought everyone closer together.

It was an amazing afternoon, filled with tears, laughter and so many good stories,

and it made think about starting my own family, one day…when the time is right…

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