Monday, October 31, 2011

last days of october

This was the most beautiful October I have ever seen in my city.
I really feel spoiled by warm afternoons, beautiful sunsets, gorgeous light and lush colors.
I know it's not going to last. I know the fog is creeping in.
I know the rainy season is just around the corner, but I am in love with the now, I am inspired by so many things:

I've been feasting my eyes on works by Harry Callahan,

listening to bon iver, a lot...

reading and rereading stream of consciousness poem,

loving the idea of a spontaneous detour by Alexandria.

planing a very special road trip, simply can't wait for it!

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  1. Wonderful clicks! October can be such a beautiful month.



  2. lovely set and lovely light!
    october in paris has been wonderful too.
    curious about your road trip - enjoy!!

  3. I love the last photo especially. The glow and saturation of color is perfect.

  4. Beautiful photos and produce! October was especially nice this year here too :).

  5. oooh I LOVE bon iver! :-) My sister just went to his concert...she said he was so great!
    That Farmers Market is in San Diego (downtown) one of the best ones I've been to by far!

  6. Your photos do October up right! Love the light and plants. Thank you for the mention and I hope you enjoy your detour!

  7. I was really surprised to find any signs of October in this constantly foggy city :)

  8. oh my... the light is just divine. the last warm glow of the indian summer.

  9. i love this wonderful homage to autumnal inspirations

  10. A agree, October rocked here. The wife and I (and doggie) had a picnic recently in GG park during one of the warmer days. I was shocked that I didn't need a coat! These images are so beautiful.

  11. i can't remember a time anymore when i wasn't listening to bon iver ;)

    lovely photos.

  12. M, Great shots once again. And it's hard to believe our weather was so balmy just a week ago now that it is sooo cold! I'm glad your captured the moment for us.

    And thanks for the tip on Harry Callahan - his work is stunning.

    And so funny about Bon Iver. It's on very regular rotation for us too. And my man just bought a Bon Iver record to play on our turntable. Fun stuff;)


  13. Ohh those photos are so beautiful, my dear! Where are you going for your road trip? Sounds so fun. Kisses:)