The Ice Cream Bar

Here are some scenes from my new favorite spot on Cole street: The Ice Cream Bar and Soda Fountain.
I was really excited to see this place finally open its doors. From what I’ve learned, it took the owner Juliet Pries about two years to gather and process all the necessary permits to transform a former grocery store into the ice cream shop.
But, it was well worth it!!! I was immediately smitten with art deco styled interior, retro dressed staff , tasty homemade ice cream and absolutely fascinated with their made to order sodas, crushes and lactarts. Our soda jerks shared all kinds of interesting information about history of soda fountains and ingredients they use to achieve specific textures or flavors. Some of my favorites include: the Classic Cherry Phosphate, Breakfast
Soda and old-fashioned malted butterscotch milkshake called “Too Good To Be True”.
I was so enthralled by the whole experience, that it inspired me to do some research on “mysterious” ingredients like acid phosphate, lactic acid, history of seltzer water and flavored sodas.
You can read all about it at the Art of Drink by Darcy O’Neil, and remember to stop by The Ice Cream Bar.

City Wanderings: Bi-rite Creamery

ever since my good friend Sarah wrote an article for the SF Bay Guardian about explosion of small, homemade ice cream shops in San Francisco, I vowed to myself to visit every one of them, to find out which one was best, the most decadent. The list of six different shops, with detailed descriptions of their most popular flavors was supposed to ease this “difficult” task. Mexican Chocolate from Mitchell’s, Saffron Ginger from Xanath, or Goat Cheese  from Holy Gelato – all sounded enticing, but I had my heart set on Bi- Rite’s Salted Caramel, which has been one of my long time favorite flavors. Plus, I really wanted to see what the whole hype was about, and why there always seem to be so many people waiting patiently in line, just to get their ice cream.
As it turned out, the Salted Caramel  lived up to its tasty reputation and paired really well with some other amazing flavors they had to offer. I  especially liked  it combined with white chocolate-blackberry swirl  and ricanelas, which is (oh, my!) cinnamon with snickerdoodles. So, when few weeks ago M. and I found ourselves eating Bi-Rite’s ice cream in the rain, under the palm tree, we knew we were in trouble. We had become “those” people! Addicted to creamy, sweet, salty goodness.
For months Bi-Rite Creamery kept me from moving down on Sarah’s list, but promise is a promise, so Humphry Slocombe, you better stock up on your Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee flavor, because you’re next!

their soft serve window offers different flavor each day.

not in a mood for ice cream? try their freshly baked cookies and fancy sodas.

for more info on Bi-Rite Creamery head over to their website.
you can read Sarah’s article here.