Coffee Cognac Cooler

I know, this is not exactly a fall recipe, but if you live in the City, you know, we’re nowhere near spiced pumpkin muffins, hot apple ciders or heartwarming soups, yet. While most of you are putting cute fall sweaters on, we’re finally getting our chance to wear sandals, summer dresses and enjoy the heat. So, when few days ago, I found myself slurping melted ice cream out of my coffee cup for breakfast, I suddenly remembered there was a coffee cooler recipe, I’d been wanting to try all summer, just couldn’t find a perfect evening to match it. This is very elegant and decadent dessert drink, with lots of great flavors and textures. Very easy to make and so impressive, a perfect “sweet ending”.

ingredients recipe by Stuart Walton from “The Ultimate Book of Cocktails
8oz strong dark-roast coffee, chilled
3oz cognac
2oz coffee liquer
2oz heavy cream
2 scoops coffee flavored ice cream

Blend all the ingredients except the ice cream, with plenty of ice. Divide between two tall glasses and top it off with scoop of ice cream. Garnish with chocolate shaving and serve with a spoon.