Fall Smoothies, And Where Should We Go?

M and I are in the middle of planing our little fall getaway. We’re trying to decide whether we should just go north: Inverness, Bolinas, Point Reyes in search of delicious oysters and gorgeous views, or go down south, looking for warmer weather, and finally organize our fall picnic, we’ve been talking so much about. We usually hate planning, we just hop into the car and get on the road, but this time our getaway will be very short, so any ideas???

In the mean time, we’ve been also playing around with smoothies, a lot. Since our CSA boxes have been overflowing with apples, pears, carrots and oranges, more than we could ever eat, we decided to give our healthy summer sippers a little seasonal update.
So here are our three favorite recipes: carrot-apple for our nagging sweet tooth, spicy pear-orange for heat and energy, and heart healthy pomegranate-orange smoothie.



Carrot-apple smoothie is my healthy sugar fix. I usually use 2 small purple carrots, 1 apple, plum and freshly squeezed orange juice or cantaloupe, if available. Blend everything with plenty of ice until smooth. And, if I still want some extra fiber I also add flax seed.



Spicy pear-orange smoothie is my pick-me-up concoction. I mix pear with freshly squeezed orange juice and spice things up with a Thai pepper. I usually just use half of it, as it has a really strong “kick” to it. Blend everything with ice and enjoy it’s fiery flavor.

And just in case you missed it, here is the fall smoothie #1, pomegranate-orange:



Welcome Autumn

Fall is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier. I know it means, that winter is just around the corner, but if you live or ever been to San Francisco, you will know, it’s the time, when we get to enjoy our summer. We still get all the bounty of the harvest season and long awaited, gorgeous, warm weather. Life is beautiful and it makes me want to drag all of my friends to a fall picnic, eat lots of apples, pears and pomegranates. Indulge on sweetness of dates,figs and persimmons. Photograph even more, listen to Kate Bush. Take long strolls around the city and stop by any cafe, that has patio seating.
So, what are you doing this first fall weekend? Are you going to celebrate the season? Are you cooking anything special, making your fall-to-do list???

There is lots of yoga on my list, and as a reward some delicious smoothies.
I’m leaving you for the weekend with this pomegranate-orange smoothie recipe, it’s so easy to make and it couldn’t be more nutritious. Did you know that pomegranates are packed with fiber, vitamin C and lots of antioxidants? They are so good for your heart. Their season is just starting now, so head over to the farmers’ market this Saturday.

To prepare Pomegranate-Orange smoothie you will need:
*seeds of 4 pomegranates, free of any yellow pith, it has really bitter taste, click here for instructions
*freshly squeezed juice of one orange
Process pomegranate seeds with orange juice and some ice in the blender until smooth. Divide between two glasses and enjoy!

Have a beautiful weekend!